1NE eSports Sign APL winner Glorystone

Fri 27th Oct 2017 - 4:05am Rocket League

1NE eSports is pleased to announce that we have signed THEAPL winners Glorystone to represent 1NE Rocket League in the Asian-East, USW and OCE regions. Glorystone has impressed in 2017 stepping up to not only challenge Rule the Sky but to beat them in a thrilling bracket reset BO7 in the APL finals. 


1NE has long been impressed by the Glorystone lineup's work ethic and team play and look forward to a long and productive working relationship with the new roster. Due to school commitments long standing GS Sub Tenhou has decided to step away from competitive Rocket League and has been replaced by highly rated up and coming player Hageoyazi.


The full roster consists of:


Takuma “shaolon”Kawajiri

Yukito ”kanra”Nishikawa

Yuhi “Yuhi” Saji

Tetsuya “hageoyazi” Yamamoto


1NE eSports Owner TheTastyT: ''1NE is committed to bringing Asia to the world Rocket League stage. With the addition of Glorystone this is but another step for us as an Org and for the players to continue to grow the scene in general. We are very excited with this addition and value the players hard work, commitment and most of all their positive attitude.''