APL 2.0 League Play | Week 1 Recap

Sat 19th May 2018 - 1:17am Rocket League

 Ripple Esports

Ripple Esports 

Standing: 8th

  • Forfeit their Week 1 matches due to player not being available.
  • Winners of the APL 1.5, one of the strongest team in the region.
  • Realize is their star player and one of the most known from Asia.


Senix Esports

Standing: 7th

  • Lost 3-0 to 1NE Glorystone, Match 2 Ripple FF.
  • Walrus & Broski have 0 Goals so far.
  • Broski is Rank 1 for Saves Per Game in the league (2.67), won "The Wall" Player Accolade for Week 1.
  • Lumi is Rank 2 for Saves Per Game (2.33).
  • They allow 14.67 Shots Per Game against them which is League highest.


Vapour Quantum

Standing: 6th

  • Lost 3-0 to 1NE Glorystone, Match 2 Ripple FF.
  • They concede an average of 4.67 Goals Per Game.
  • They have 19.17% Shooting Accuracy, lowest in league.
  • Zinx has 75% team Goals, Ayro has 100% team Assists, Risky has 45.45% teams Saves, maybe suggesting to their roles in the team with Zinx up forward, Ayro the setup guy and Risky hanging back.


Vapour Esports

Standing: 5th

  • Lost 3-0 to 1NE RL, beat Paradox 3-2.
  • JarelNaden has 50.00% Shooting Accuracy, Rank 1 in League, won The Sharpshooter Player Accolade for Week 1.
  • They allow and average 9.25 Shots Per Game against them, but save 54.05% of them.
  • They are the only team to have all 3 players above 1.50 Saves Per Game.
  • This and their Shooting Accuracy tells us that they like sit back and defend, until they get the counter attack opportunity and then make the most of their chances.


Mock-It Esports

Standing: 4th

  • Lost 3-1 against 1NE RL, beat Paradox 3-2.
  • Juxta has 81.25% Goal Participation, Rank 1 in the League.
  • Kerwin has 54.55% of Saves, and 2.00 Saves Per Game (Rank 3 in League).
  • In Week 1, we see that Juxta is the offensive machine, Kerwin hangs back and  defends and Rothie fills out the gaps as the 2nd man.
  • Rothie played with 350+ ping throughout Week 1.


Paradox Gaming

Standing: 3rd

  • Lost both series 2-3 against Mock-It and Vapour.
  • They save 62.12% of opponent’s shots (Rank 1 in League).
  • However, they have only 19.52% Shooting Accuracy as a team (Rank 7 in League).
  • As a result, they allow opponent teams to make 5.40 Saves Per Game (Rank 8).



Standing: 2nd

  • Won 3-0 vs Vapour Esports and 3-1 vs MOCKIT.
  • Only team with all players above 1.00 Goals Per Game.
  • 2nd Highest Goals Per Game as a team (3.43).
  • They save 52.17% of opponents’ shots, Rank 3 in League.
  • Have the Highest Shooting Accuracy in the League as a team (40.63%).
  • Koba is Rank 2 in Assists Per Game (1.14) and Rank 3 in Shots Per Game (3.43).
  • Raqua is Rank 3 in both Goals Per Game (1.29) & Assists Per Game (1.00).


1NE GloryStone

Standing: 1st

  • Won 3-0 vs Vapour Quantum and 3-0 vs Senix Esports
  • Shaolon is Rank 1 in Goals Per Game (2.33) & Shots Per Game (4.83), won the Week 1 MVP Player Accolade. He has 48% team Goals and 42% team Saves with 69% Goal Participation, showing his all round play and MVP performance.
  • Kanra is Rank 2 in Goals Per Game (1.83) & Shots Per Game (3.83), but Rank 1 in Assists Per Game (1.33), hence winning the Week 1 Wingman Player Accolade
  • Only team with all players above 3.00 Shots Per Game
  • Lowest Goals Conceded Per Game at 1.00
  • Highest Assists Per Game as a team at 3.33 (team focuses more on passing)
  • League highest Shots Per Game at 11.83
  • Only concede 4.50 Shots Per Game (league lowest)






Pawan Kolhe

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