Asia Pro League 1.5

Wed 21st Feb 2018 - 5:21pm Rocket League

We will have 8 of Asia's best RL teams competing for the title of Asia Pro League champions and a $500 prize pool.

  • Date: Saturday, 24th February, 2018 and Saturday, 3rd March, 2018.
  • Time: 7:00am GMT / 2:00pm ICT / 12:30pm IST / 4:00pm JST
  • Prize Pool: $500
  • Brackets:


:twitch: Stream (English):

:twitch: Stream (日本語):

:discord: Discord:


24th February (Saturday) - Group Stage

7:00am GMT / 2:00pm ICT / 12:30pm IST / 4:00pm JST


3rd March (Saturday) - Finals

7:00am GMT / 2:00pm ICT / 12:30pm IST / 4:00pm JST


Prize Pool


Schedule for 24th February


Group 1

1NE.GS - @Kanra, @shaolon, @Yuhi, @hageoyazi
Last Piece - @ドレックス/dore52x, @Nunki, @GGguchi
Underrated - @Risky, @Squirrel, @Kerwin, @TheTastyT
Minus Squadron - @Sycho13, Mocha, @MonArch, @bagasanant


Group 2

Happy Friends - @atR ReaLize, @Lime, @tenhou
1NE.RL - @Misty, @Juxta, @GonFreecs, @Cronix
Alu - @JarelNaden, @ZiNXX, @Azri
Eu Jinn Chegne - @bá hộ, @Kaddalaug_SoL, @Zander, @Disliked by most


Pawan Kolhe

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  • Asia Pro League is really a very good event for everyone. The superior papers also mentioned this information in their publications as well. Thanks a lot for sharing such information with others. People are very excited for such activities around the world.

  • Nice to see that you give us useful detail about the Asia Pro League 1.5 and I will soon come here to get further detail.

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