Asia Pro League 1.5 Pre Sequel Qualifiers

Fri 2nd Feb 2018 - 11:30am Rocket League

1NE presents the pre-sequel of the APL (Asia Pro League) featuring the best teams in Asia. Prove yourself to be worthy of the challenge to reach the top in Asian Rocket League scene and challenge for $500 in prizemoney.


  • Saturday, 3 February 2018. 2 PM ICT (GMT +7)
  • Format: Round Robin Group Stage
  • Qualifiers not Streamed.
  • Register Here:


  • Date/Time: 24 February 2018. 2 PM ICT (GMT +7)
  • Format: Group Stage + Single Elimination Finals
  • Play-offs will be streamed on Twitch.


Qualifying Teams for APL Playoffs

1NE.GS@Kanra, @shaolon, @Yuhi, @hageoyazi

Happy Friends@atR ReaLize, @Lime, @tenhou

Last Piece@ドレックス/dore52x, @Nunki, @GGguchi

1NE.RL@Misty, @Juxta, @GonFreecs, @Cronix

Underrated@Risky, @Squirrel, @Kerwin, @TheTastyT

Alu@JarelNaden, @ZiNXX, @Azri

Minus Squadron@Sycho13, @Mocha, @MonArch, @bagasanant

Eu Jinn Chegne@bá hộ, @Kaddalaug_SoL, @Zander, @Disliked by most



Pawan Kolhe

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