1NE PUBG roster for 2018

Wed 7th Mar 2018 - 10:14am PUBG

1NE PUBG was first introduced to the public in late 2017 with Mikay9 leading a solid roster including vSamuel, Vtecc, MoJoFPS and vinnpo. For 2018, Mikay9 reformed our roster and will hope to achive to be the top of Asia in the coming year.



"Going into 2018, I was hoping to keep the same roster we had in the past 4 months but unfortunately there were interal issue with the team and we had to made the roster change. The new roster contain players that have a lot of potential and wants to proof everyone that we can be the best team in Asia and strive for International events" Mikay9 said.



The new 1NE PUBG roster is:

- CY "Mikay9" L

- Alex "Jim" Tse

- YC "MartianChun" C

- SW "Sing" H

- CL "Dapze" M



With 2 major events coming in March, the team will be attending the TeSL PUBG Elite of SEA Tournament Qualifier on March 11 16:00 GMT+8 and AfreecaTV Asia Scrims.





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